China Noil Silk. Fabric.
Bleached. 100% Silk.

Bourette is a silk yarn that is made up of scraps of the
schappe silk production. The short fibres are heavily
shot through with tiny knots. This leads to Bourette yarn
being matte and coarse. Characteristic for Bourette fabric
is the bumpy surface structure; it is used as decorative
fabric or for clothes.
In contrast to schappe silk which consists of longer silk fibres
Bourette cannot be entirely purged of silk glue.
The silk glue once kept the cocoons of the silk moths together.
It gives Bourette its characteristic signature smell.

15110 China Noil Silk 34
China Noil Silk 34, fabric, bleached, 112cm, 155g/m, 100% silk, Bale ~48m, more...
RRP EUR 29.90/m
15516 China Noil Silk 34
China Noil Silk 34, fabric, bleached, 145cm, 220g/m, 100% silk, Bale ~48m, more...
RRP EUR 36.90/m
15008 China Noil Silk 22
China Noil Silk 22, fabric, bleached, 112cm, 110g/m, 100% silk, Bale ~50m, more...
RRP EUR 26.00/m
15332 China Noil Silk 34
Item discontinued!
China Noil Silk 34, fabric, bleached, 90cm, 130g/m, 100% silk, Bale ~48m, more...