Silk Gauze 3.5. Long Scarves.
20 Colours. 180x55cm. 230x55cm.
100% Silk.

Silk gauze scarves - the established classic for silk painting - are now the most popular basic for Nuno felting. Available as extra wide, carefully hand-rolled scarves, and as fabric.
The fabrication of this very delicate scarves is a real art. The weaving yarns of the fabric are elaborately over-twisted in order to create the fine crepe effect; the scarves are hand-rolled with pure silk thread.
Please note: The over-twisted weaving yarn swells during washing, dyeing, or felting; thus the scarves have  a relatively high residual shrinkage value.
FLYFEL®-web and FLYFEL®-tops react extremely easy and fast with the fine gauze scarves; the result is a wonderfully smooth and pleasantly soft felt surface.

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