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Hemp Piqué, fabric, bleached, 100% hemp, 140cm, 360g/m, Bale ~30m
GTIN 4005524148128
Customs tariff no. 53110090000
RRP EUR 23.00/m

14812 Hemp Piqué
A light hemp cloth in piqué (waffle pattern) with an attractive crème  white color and a fine shine. Note that this fabric has two beautiful sides: the front appears stronger structured, the fine shine of the fiber is especially emphasized on this side. On the other side, the waffle pattern appears more discreet and smooth. After washing a few times and intensive use, the fabric gets a softer but still voluminous grip. The characteristics of the hemp fibers and the special piqué look makes this fabric perfect for projects in the kitchen, bath, bedroom and leisure area: hemp absorbs moisture very well without feeling damp; above all it releases the moisture perfectly! Hemp fabrics are experienced to be temperature balancing! Even in high heat hemp feels pleasantly cool. Fabric out of hemp has antibacterial characteristics and counteracts odor accumulation. The waffle binding makes for a enlarged fabric volume and makes it especially absorbent, that is why our piqué is gladly used for house and bath fashion, e.g. for rustic table cloths and practical dish cloths in the kitchen; for light summer blankets, under which you can comfortably sleep even in great heat because the offer protection and feel comfortable; for decorative bolsters and pillows - very attractive in combination with smooth hemp, linen and bamboo fabrics ("natural living"). In the bath and sauna area, the piqué is perfect for bathrobes and towels with a massage effect, on the beach for robust beach bags and beach towels. Tips for casual house and leisure fashion: straight cut pants and tops! The crème  natural color with its noble shimmer is simply wonderful! If you prefer color, this fabric can easily be died, either with batik color in a pot or with washing machine dye. All coloring are expressed lusciously and luminously!

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