Plain weave

Plain weave, pure linen fabric, natural, undyed, 100% linen, 150cm, 315g/m
GTIN 4005524133209
Customs tariff no. 53091110000
RRP EUR 34.50/m

Sample. Swatch:


13320 Plain weave
A precious linen fabric that shows the typical, natural linen colour of wet sand. The heavy quality is achieved through the tight weave. This gives the fabric a particular stability, but lets it keep its soft grip. Our tip for times of hotter and hotter summers: This plain weave is perfect for bed-sheets, because linen stays cool even in the summer heat. A tough fabric such as this one with its tight weave is even suitable for pants; choose a casual cut that provides additional cooling.

100% fib twal fin, flaks, flax, hør, hör, in, keten, kətan, kitani, kittien, lan, l‘an, lanh, Leinen, len, lenan, li, lin, lín, lina, linai, linen, linho, lini, linne, linnen, lino, linu, linum, pellava, vlas, лан, лен, лён, льон, λινό, სელის, քաթան, كتان, פשתן, লিনেন, શણ, लिनन, ಅಗಸೆ, ஆளி விதை, ผ้าลินิน, 리넨, アマ, 亚麻

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