Organza 5.0

Silk Organza 5.0, pure silk fabric, black, 100% silk, 105cm, 26g/m
GTIN 4005524177999
Customs tariff no. 50072041900
RRP EUR 29.40/m

Sample. Swatch:

17799 Silk Organza 5.0
A wonderful base material for fancy Nuno-felt creations. 

This silk beams with luxury! Organza 5.5 is similar to silk chiffon 06, but in comparison shows a fine shining silk shimmer and has a slightly strengthened grip. This sought-after grip is a result from a rest amount of silk glue, which used to give the cocoon stability and was purposefully not completely removed. 
Organza is preferably used for elegant clothing like blouses and shirts, for festive scarves and stoles with pleats, as well as for home decorations like table runners, curtains and room dividers. 

When used double, spectacular Changeant and Moiré effects are created. 

100% ħarir, hedvábí, hodváb, ipek, ipək, jedwab, lụa, mătase, mëndafsh, seda, Seide, selyem, sericum, seta, siid, silk, šilkas, silke, silki, silkki, síoda, soie, sutera, sutla, sutra, svila, swa, sy, zīds, zijde, μετάξι, свила, коприна, шелк, шовк, шоўк, აბრეშუმის, մետաքս, משי‌ ,حَرير ,ابريشم, সিল্ক, रेशम, રેશમ, ರೇಷ್ಮೆ, பட்டு, ผ้าไหม, 명주, シルク, 丝绸

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