Pongee 05

Pongee 05, fabric, black, 100% silk, 90cm, 20g/m, Bale ~50m
GTIN 4005524171997
Customs tariff no. 50072039800
RRP EUR 19.90/m

Sample. Swatch:

Also available in natural colour:


Same quality but other width(s):

Scarves available also:

17199 Pongee 05
17199 Pongee 05
Fine, very light and with a elegant silk shine
that's how Pongé 05 can be described.
This delicate silk is perfect for Nuno-felting with our other FLYFEL®- Products. Instructions can be found in the IDEEN.com-Journal

Pongé 05 can also be used for all different decoration projects in the house, like a bed canopy and drapes, at fairs, events and parties as well as on stage. This silk can easily be pleated and quickly creates an attractively crashed scarf in all kinds of rainbow colors! Because the material doesn't fray, the scarf doesn't have to be rolled on the edges. Dark dyed silk can partially be bleached and by using brushes, stamps and stencils you can create a light pattern on a dark background.

100% ħarir, hedvábí, hodváb, ipek, ipək, jedwab, lụa, mătase, mëndafsh, seda, Seide, selyem, sericum, seta, siid, silk, šilkas, silke, silki, silkki, síoda, soie, sutera, sutla, sutra, svila, swa, sy, zīds, zijde, μετάξι, свила, коприна, шелк, шовк, шоўк, აბრეშუმის, մետաքս, משי‌ ,حَرير ,ابريشم, সিল্ক, रेशम, રેશમ, ರೇಷ್ಮೆ, பட்டு, ผ้าไหม, 명주, シルク, 丝绸

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