Plush: comfort and warmth for cold days

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J00040 Plush: comfort and warmth for cold days
J00040 Plush: comfort and warmth for cold days
The production of a knitted plush such as the woll plush is a truly intricate matter:

Fibres of fleece are worked into the densely knitted back out of cotton yarn, in a single productionprocess, so that they still protrude a few centimetres at first. The tubular knitted raw material is cut open lengthwise and stretched in width, the surface is sheared and dampened, in order to further densify the fabric and reduce the remaining shrinkage. The result is a cuddly fabric, suited ideally for warming blankets or fleecy clothing, like sweaters or lining for jackets.

In order to let the plush keep its cuddly softness, the back is neither sprayed nor glued. Although this means the remaining shrinkage is a bit higher with about 5-8%, and the plush will lose some loose hairs in the beginning, in exchange the breathability of the material is preserved and the wearing comfort remains unique.

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