Tissu de gaze long scarves

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  • J00052 Tissu de gaze long scarves
  • J00052 Tissu de gaze long scarves
  • J00052 Tissu de gaze long scarves
  • J00052 Tissu de gaze long scarves
  • J00052 Tissu de gaze long scarves
  • J00052 Tissu de gaze long scarves
In this journal article we would like to introduce to you a small selection of manifold creative design examples that can be created with new Tissu de Gaze long scarves.
The fantastic soft flowing fabric made out of smooth and classy shining pure silk yarns make this scarf a gorgeous base material for luxurious and unique Nuno-felt scarves.

In the first example you can see a turquoise blue Tissu de Gaze-scarf with a small but very fine circle shape design made with FLYFEL®-web on both ends.

How it works:
First, cut off the rolled hem on both ends and lay the end to be felted in front of you on the felting base. Now place one package of black FLYFEL®-web circles in the middle of the edge; big and small alternating. Remove the small areas of Tissue de Gaze that might reach into the inside of the circles. Lightly felt on the motives and turn over the scarf. Now place small pieces of silk in contrasting colors on the backside of the scarf. Here Crêpe Satin decorated with brightly colored paintings in the Gutta-Technique was used. The pieces should be cut about 1cm smaller than the circles, so that the wool can cover the edges well.

And further:
On the back, lay the same size circles in turquoise color matching the position of the black circles in front, and felt everything together.
The colorful contrast pieces will now lay between the black and blue circles. That is the trick with this scarf: after the felting process it's almost unnoticeable how this touch of color made it into the wool and the turquoise pads almost melt into the also turquoise colored Tissue de Gaze!

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