Felted Plissee

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  • J00055 Felted Plissee
  • J00055 Felted Plissee
  • J00055 Felted Plissee
  • J00055 Felted Plissee
A very attractive plissé effect is created with this technique:
A layer of FLYFEL®-web is layed on a felt surface, e.g. bubble wrap. Then drape a chiffon in a strongly contrasting color, creating narrow pleats lengthwise. It is best to wet the silk first, that way the pleats stay in the desired form.

Now simply felt both layers together. Due to the great felt characteristics of FLYFEL®-web, the wool connects quickly and steadily with the chiffon. Even the parts where the chiffon is doubled and tripled are easily felted and the plissé pleats are held in place.

The fleece that overlaps on both ends, should be cut into narrow stripes after the felting and drying process is finished. In this case, the fringes are especially long, which matches very well with the longitudinal striped plissé.

A couple of felted on colored FLYFEL®-pads create highlights.

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