Shibori Felting

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  • J00069 Shibori Felting
  • J00069 Shibori Felting
  • J00069 Shibori Felting
  • J00069 Shibori Felting
  • J00069 Shibori Felting
"Shibori" is a term for a whole range of traditional, and partly age-old, Japanese methods of resist dyeing.
Basically all of these techniques have in common that they involve binding, compressing, knotting, or tying of the fabric, in order to create a "resist" which prevents the dye from penetrating the fabric in certain areas. Thereby very purposeful colour patterns arise and if the fabric is not ironed afterwards also intriguing three-dimensional textures.
Since the fabrics are mostly dyed and fixed under heat the three-dimensional shapes are impressed at the same time.

Of course the various tying techniques cannot be used only on smooth silk or cotton fabrics. On nuno-felt one can create wonderful reliefs which remain permanently stable due to the solidly felted wool.

Here we present a small selection of the countless possibilities.

The first picture shows a wooll etamine grey cloth which was tied tightly in a half-circle-shape in the middle. In the area on the right marbles were tightly tied in with small rubber bands. The entire piece was strongly felted in a washing machine and subsequently dyed in a pot with steam fixable silk colour which had been diluted with water. The small marbles were only removed after drying: the interesting knob-like structures remains permanently after felting.

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