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Products mentioned in this IDEEN.com Journal article:

  • J00084 Spinning and Felting
  • J00084 Spinning and Felting
  • J00084 Spinning and Felting
  • J00084 Spinning and Felting
  • J00084 Spinning and Felting
FLYFEL®-tops are tops from finest, super soft merino wool.
Perfect for very delicate nuno-felt... but of course also for wonderfully soft spinning projects.
Whether using a spinning wheel or a spindle, FLYFEL®-tops can be spun very easily, quickly, and, if desired, evenly.

In this IDEEN.com-Journal article you will find tips for felting hand-spun yarns from FLYFEL®-tops.

The first picture shows a yarn from merino wool and silk - hand-dyed in rainbow-colours. Hints on dyeing and fixing can be found in the IDEEN.com-Journal article about spinning und knitting of FLYFEL®-tops.This 2-ply art yarn is made from a thick-and-thin singles yarn of wool and a fine singles out of mulberry silk sliver. This yarn by itself is a dream... but in combination with a piece of FLYFEL®-melweb something truly unique emerges.

This is how it's done:
Cut pieces of yarn of appropriate length, apply them more or less evenly lengthwise to a piece of needle punched nonwoven, and generously let them protrude over the edges. Now felt everything together - and you're finished!

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