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J00015 Felted Objects
J00015 Felted Objects
Felt around a hot-water bottle:
For this you need a simple plastic hot-water bottle without a cover. Because wool felts quicker at higher temperatures, it makes sense to fill up the hot-water bottle half way with hot water.
Start with a double layer of FLYFEL®-web, which is tightly wrapped around the bottle. The ends are wrapped like a package, thin out layered edges and slightly felt with some soapy water. Then, depending on the desired thickness, wrap with another 2-4 layers. Thereby change the direction or cover in layers with plucked out, intersecting FLYFEL®-tops. Thoroughly felt and knead with your hands and form the curves of the bottle. Thin parts or holes can easily be repaired with small pieces of FLYFEL®-web. Cut off possible overlapping material in a wedge shape on the pour hole and reconnect the new edges carefully.
Felt FLYFEL®-pads in gecko shapes and other decorative elements into the upper layer only shortly before the end of the felting process. Now you can felt and form the new cover out of FLYFEL®-web until it fits perfectly to the shape of the bottle... or you let the dryer do the last part of this work!
For that rinse the already well felted hot-water bottle under running water until all the remaining soap is gone then simply let the bottle dry and felt on the highest setting in the dryer. That even works without soap. Check on a regular basis, so that the felt won't get too hard.
For the dryer technique all layers and edges have to be well felted together beforehand otherwise loose and thin parts would burst open due to high mechanical wear.

The thicker the felted cover is, the more comfortable the heat release is regulated. The bottle does not feel cooking hot and retains the warmth noticeably longer than with normal cloth covers. An essential companion for cold winter nights, that is still warm in the morning. ;)

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