Soap Sud for Felting

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J00061 Soap Sud for Felting
J00061 Soap Sud for Felting
We have been asked over and over about the "right" soap for felting; but that doesn't exist. Every felter has their preference and favorite brand.
Some like expensive French olive oil soap, others achieve wonderful results with simple curd soap or cheap hand soap. Even some liquid soaps in convenient dispenser bottles provide a good service. A high quality soap proves its value when it comes to frequent and long skin contact.

The right temperature of the sud is also often discussed. Some felters soak up the cold soap sud with towels and keep adding additional hot sud. The inconvenient handling of the towels can easily be forgot about, especially when felting with the pad sander. The wool does felt when cold, it just takes a little longer.
Some hot water can be added, if you rather felt with warm sud. The old water does not have to be removed completely. It is not even a big issue if the felt piece downright swims on the table because the wool also keeps felting with a lot of water. You can even felt in the washer or in the sink.

In the summer, gardens and balconies are perfect for felting. Felting is even more fun with a lot of warmth, sunshine and a good mood! ;)

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