Double dyeing blended fabric

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  • J00036 Double dyeing blended fabric
  • J00036 Double dyeing blended fabric
  • J00036 Double dyeing blended fabric
  • J00036 Double dyeing blended fabric
Blended fabrics out of plant and animal fibers are perfectly suitable for the 2 color dyeing technique. Larger amounts can also be dyed in the washing machine, in the bath tub ;) or in a large tub. If you want to dye yard ware for clothing, you can either do that before sewing or after the piece of clothing is already finished. The latter has the advantage of less color being needed and because there is less material, the result might turn out more even.

You need two different dyes for this process; one for the amount of animal fibers like: silk and wool and one for the cellulose fibers like: cotton, linen, viscose, etc. Additionally, depending on the manufacturer's instructions, washing soda, salt and vinegar might be needed.

The picture shows a jacquard-batiste made out of cotton and silk. The silk portion was dyed with simple yellow steam-fixable silk paint, and the cotton portion with a red viscose dye from alter ego/dupont.
Very conveniently in a big pot with a couple liters of water, the desired amount of dye, some salt and a fixing agent. In this mixture, the scarf is dyed while simmering and under constant movement until the desired color intensity is reached.

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