Salt technique

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J00022 Salt technique
J00022 Salt technique
The salt technique is probably one of the most popular techniques when it comes to silk painting. Quick results and easy handling makes it perfect for beginners but even advanced artists like to try new things with different granularity of salt.

How it works:
Fix a shawl or scarf to a frame using three-prong thumbtacks. Apply silk paint with a brush onto the dry or damp silk. Sprinkle salt grains on the still wet silk paint and let dry. Through the salt the color is drawn into different directions and interesting and bizarre patterns are created.

Everybody should experiment with different types of grains, different amounts of salt and various degrees of moisture of the silk. You will quickly get a feeling for how much salt is needed for which effect. The choice of salt is not really important. Any typical table salt in different granularity can be used.

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