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  • J00039 Setting colours at home
  • J00039 Setting colours at home
  • J00039 Setting colours at home
  • J00039 Setting colours at home
Why is a steam fixation even necessary?
It is not only necessary for steam fixable silk paint (which shines especially intensively and preserves the soft grip and elegant fall of silk) but also for bleaching salt, plissés, for spray painting rovings and raw wool, for tie-dyeing and for the removing of wax.
There are different ways to do a steam fixation at home:

Steam and heat
Heat releases an acid in the silk paint and creates a chemical reaction between the textile fibers and the paint. The fine water drops of the steam, transport the heat into the fabric. When using thickening agents, they also help the color to move from the thickener into the fabric. The moisture lets the fibers swell, in order for them to absorb color especially well.
The length of fixation depends on the textile fibers and type of dye. Acid colors (e.g. steam fixable silk paint), direct dyestuff like reactive dye need about 45-60 minutes, burning (i.e. bleaching) takes about 10-20 minutes. Please experiment yourself!
IMPORTANT: Do not let hot machines work by themselves! Caution with children and pets! Good ventilation is important because of the steam development (moisture) and possible exhaust. Used pots and other object can not be used for food preparation anymore!

Silk paint and iron fixation
As soon as the paint has completely dried, it is impossible to be washed out of the fabric. Ironing paint does not necessarily have to be ironed.
But a heat fixation with a dry iron seals the color in the fabric, which creates a better rub fastness. This is important for seat cushions for example.

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