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  • J00064 Silk-Care
  • J00064 Silk-Care
Silk, naturally colored and adequately fixed painted silk can be washed easily. The right detergent is the important part: Wash natural silk only with non-alkaline detergent (no bleach and without optical brightener)!
The following products should never be used:
- Shampoo (because the regulating substances can settle in the silk fiber)
- Soap (is alkaline; lime soap which is created in hard water reduces the shine and soft grip)
- fabric softener (the included fat reduces the shine).
Hand and machine wash
Delicate, fine fabrics should only be washed by hand. Only slightly move the silk around in the water, do not brush or rub. Add some vinegar to the last rinse cycle. That enhances the gloss of the silk and lets the colors shine.
Most silk fabrics can be washed in the machine. The wool or delicate setting up to 30°C preserves your silk. Only spin lightly. Whether hand or machine wash: Lay the damp silk evenly onto a towel to dry. It should neither be laid in the sun nor close to the heater to dry.
Silk shawls and scarves in particular can easily be ironed dry when still damp. The surface becomes exceptionally smooth and shiny.

Treatment of painted silk
After fixing, the silk should be rinsed cold. Adding a little amount of silk detergent binds the rest of the color. The next wash cycle can be warmer, while adding detergent. The silk should constantly be moved during rinsing, so that no color can settle. Afterward, dry the silk evenly on a towel. Place paper towels between the layers of fabric when drying clothes, because even fixed color can wander onto different parts and stain these.

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