Wax and Gum Arabic

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  • J00046 Wax and Gum Arabic
  • J00046 Wax and Gum Arabic
  • J00046 Wax and Gum Arabic
Apart from Gutta and water soluble contour paint, there are many other ways to border pattern on fabric, in order for the color to stay inside of the lines.
Especially suitable are gum arabic, cold wax and hot wax, which are described in the following article.

Gum Arabic
It is an herbal rubber, which comes from acacia tress in Africa and the Arabian peninsula. It is one of the best thickener and is used for high quality printing with a high resolution. Additionally gum arabic plays a big role in the  food industry as an herbal thickener.
For us this rubber is not only interesting as a thickener for paint but also as a parting agent in silk painting. It is mixed with water and dyed with steam fixable silk color. Depending on the fabric quality, the rubber mixture is used as a thicker or thinner resolution, so that is can soak well into the fabric. After fixing with steam and rinsing, a contour line stays directly on the silk.
Gum arabic is a good parting agent for thinner and medium thick fabric but is not the best choice for thick material. Otherwise the gum is good to cover bigger areas. It is suitable for painting as well as for printing techniques. As soon as the application has dried, it can even carefully painted over! After fixing the Gum Arabic is removed through a thorough wash.

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