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  • J00049 ideengutta
  • J00049 ideengutta
  • J00049 ideengutta
  • J00049 ideengutta
  • J00049 ideengutta
In this journal article, we would like to introduce to you a summary of our ideengutta®-collection.

Beginners as well as professionals are both inspired by the flow behavior of the silk paint on fine silk fabric: Once a drop of paint is added to the silk, the color runs widely and spreads in all directions. This characteristic provides never ending possibilities for amazing color gradients and shadings.

But when a specific design or pattern is applied, creating a boundary with a separating agent is essential. For this, traditional gutta or other resists should be used.
Details can be found in the

Resists are applied onto the silk with special spray bottles. Depending on the size and type of design, this can be a rather tedious and time consuming work. Especially straight lines, corners on a large scale, and particular delicate detailed patterns are a real challenge!

Anyone, who prefers the process to be more comfortable and especially diversified, will definitely find something fitting in our extensive ideengutta®-collection.
Window panels, neckerchieves, scarves and the shawl dimensions: 75x75cm and 90x90cm.
We have something fitting for every taste and style!

The designs are printed on to Pongé-silk with either a black or gold resist. The lines are completely dense, wash resistant as well as cleaning resistant.

The areas don't have to be colored all the way up to the edges. The paint runs all the way up to the line by itself and will certainly stop. You can color the gutta motives with steam as well as with iron fixation silk paint.

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