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Batiste, Fabric, dark blue, 100% cotton, organic, GOTS CU801032, 160cm, 86g/m, Bale ~60m
GTIN 4005524125723
Customs tariff no. 52083100000
RRP EUR 12.90/m

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12572 Batiste
Since the middle of 2008 there has been a new, worldwide acknowledged 'Global Organic Textile
Standard' (GOTS)
. In the so-called GOTS-standard
the environmental and social sustainable production
of textile eco-products is regulated in a detailed way.

All production steps are completely documented
through transaction certificates and controlled by
accredited certifier. Ambitious quality
specifications are also an element of the new GOTS-
standard. Only inspected textile aids and high quality
dyes are permitted. Exploitation and child labor are
strictly prohibited and the requirements of the
International Labour Organization have to be met.

We can now offer you our first GOTS-certified
organic cotton fabrics. With this, we certainly make
a big step in the right direction and hope for your
support with the distribution of this new fabric
quality. With your help it will be possible for us to
change our whole collection over to the new GOTS-

We certify hereby bindingly, that the offered
organic cotton fabrics below are certified by the
CU Control Union Certifications B.V./NL
EKO Skal).

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