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Dobby weave

Dobby weave, Fabric, beige, 100% wool, 150cm, 300g/m, Bale ~60m
GTIN 4005524118114
Customs tariff no. 51121100000
RRP EUR 24.00/m

11811 Dobby weave
This woolen cloth almost invites you to tailor high quality clothes! The woolen fabric has a downright soft grip. The nice, heavy fall refers to the real fabric weight, while the look reminds one more of a lighter woolen shawls. At closer inspection, the smooth surface shows a fine weave structure: a lengthwise pattern with narrow stripes, with changing tightness. The front has more shine than the back and depending on the project one side can be favored. This look is very noble and of high quality and reminds one somewhat of a crêpe fabric. It barely shows wrinkle tendencies, which makes it also very suitable clothing while traveling. Jackets, woolen dresses and sports coat benefit from the noble look and the profitable wear ability of this structured fabric. A wonderfully soft woolen cloth with a nice fall, which is very suitable for elegant, classic clothing. Dresses, blouses, shirts, light jackets and skirts are all possible options.

100% bulu, gyapjú, laine, lã, lana, lână, len, lenn, lesh, olann, suf, sufu, uld, ull, vill, villa, vilna, vlna, volna, vuna, wełna, wol, Wolle, wool, yun, yün, μαλλί, вълна, волна, вуна, меринос, поўсць, шерсть, ღვთისმშობლის ბამბა, բուրդ, צמר ,پشم ,صوف, ઘેટાનું ઊન, वर्जिन ऊन, ಉಣ್ಣೆ, கன்னி கம்பளி, ขน, ウール, 처녀 울, 羊毛

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