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Etamine de laine

Etamine de laine, fabric, pre-order only, dark blue, 100% wool, 148cm, 115g/m
GTIN 4005524116721
Customs tariff no. 51121100000

11672 Etamine de laine
11672 Etamine de laine
Etamine is "the pongee among wool fabrics" and it is cuddly soft, since for its fabrication only the finest merino wool (19.5 micron) is chosen. It can be dyed excellently with steam fixable silk colours - these colours shine and glow in this fine fabric! Cloth printings with thickened silk colour, and Shibori-dyeings also gorgeously come into their own - of course this also goes for coloured Etamine.

Fabulous scarves, stoles and shawls for the wintertime can be created from this fine fabric! The Etamine does not have to be rolled for this, since the threads do not come undone. Edges can be cut cleanly, or torn dead straight. By loosening threads at the cut selvedges decorative fringes can be produced.
Wool-etamine is also exceptional as a warm lining for light wool jackets, silk jackets and silk scarves, giving these a cuddly warmth, especially suited for wintertime.

For this material superwash finish was deliberately dispensed with. Therefore even dyed wool-etamine can be felted into a light, smooth wool fabric at 50-60°C in the washing machine, making it similar to fine wool-mousseline, which feels wonderfully soft. And in combination with versatile FLYFEL®-products you will be able to create wonderful nuno-felt creations!

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