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Linen Gauze

Linen Gauze, Fabric, grey cloth, loomstate, bleached, 100% linen, 165cm, 140g/m
GTIN 4005524130406
Customs tariff no. 53091110000

Alternative(s) made of other fibers:

  • 13040 Linen Gauze
  • 13040 Linen Gauze
  • 13040 Linen Gauze
  • 13040 Linen Gauze
The fine white texture of this linen fabric with its big spaces in between threads has a look that reminds of coarse mull. Linen gauze is very suitable for decorative curtains, attractive scarves and is liked to be chosen as cloth underlay for Nuno-felting. The rest concentration of natural pectin, that gives this fabric a little bit of stiffness, is easy to remove by hot washing; this makes the linen gauze become especially soft. With starch to spray the linen can be given back its stiffness. The white cloth can easily be dyed with washing machine colour (to prevent the fine weave from being damaged always in a washing net), batik colour or with Procion. To paint linen gauze it is best to use iron colour or thinned reactive colour (liquid fixation). This fabric is also very suitable for Nuno-felting with our FLYFEL®-products made from extra fine merino wool.

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