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Poplin, Grey cloth, natural, undyed, 100% cotton, organic, GOTS CU801032, 161cm, 203g/m, Bale ~60m
GTIN 4005524012078
Customs tariff no. 52081299000


1207 Poplin
1207 Poplin
A real all-rounder. GOTS certified.
An evenly dense fabric of even finer yarns than our nettle fabric (Cretonne). The yarns run twice as long, or rather, they are only half as thick: 1g of nettle threat is 34m long, 1g of Popeline threat is 68m long!

This Popeline is manufactured for us in a new, state-of the-art weaving mill in southern India - from compact, super combed, high-grade cotton yarn. The result is a simply beautiful organic quality! The Popeline is ideal for sturdy and low-maintenance bed linen, but also for robust men's shirts.
This Popeline is still "in loom-state", i.e. without any treatment, directly off of the loom. You can use it for artworks just as it is; but for home textiles and clothing it has to be washed beforehand, since with raw fabrics you have to calculate for a remaining shrinkage of at least 10%. If you place the fabric in a tumble dryer after washing, you can enjoy a Popeline with an especially soft handle afterwards.

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