Neckerchief, Silk Gauze 3.5, natural, undyed, 100% silk, 55x55cm
GTIN 4005524050728
Customs tariff no. 62139000100
RRP EUR 9.65/piece

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  • 5072 Neckerchief
  • 5072 Neckerchief
  • 5072 Neckerchief
  • 5072 Neckerchief
Silk Gauze: a tender breath of silk! The loosely woven fabric with its soft grip and a fine fall is perfect for feminine scarves, gladly also in generous formats. The light silk reflects the color lightly and breezily. Through the colors overlapping, new changeable nuances are continuously created when worn. Chiffon 3.5 is the best base material for Nuno-felting, especially for beginners. The super fine wool of our FLYFEL-tops and FLYFEL-web penetrates the fabric quickly and finds excellent support. Light scarves, flowing felt fabrics: everything is possible! Chiffon 3.5 is offered as a yardware in different widths as well as in various sizes of rolled scarves, in white and also in a huge range of color.

100% ħarir, hedvábí, hodváb, ipek, ipək, jedwab, lụa, mătase, mëndafsh, seda, Seide, selyem, sericum, seta, siid, silk, šilkas, silke, silki, silkki, síoda, soie, sutera, sutla, sutra, svila, swa, sy, zīds, zijde, μετάξι, свила, коприна, шелк, шовк, шоўк, აბრეშუმის, մետաքս, משי‌ ,حَرير ,ابريشم, সিল্ক, रेशम, રેશમ, ರೇಷ್ಮೆ, பட்டு, ผ้าไหม, 명주, シルク, 丝绸

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