FLYFEL®-web. Unique Pre-felt.
For Nuno Felting.

Specifically designed for Nuno felting Schmidt & Bleicher offers a super fine merino needle-punched nonwoven:The FLYFEL®-web. The width of our colour range for this product is unrivalled on the market.
By now many wholesalers and retailers, workshops and ateliers worldwide use this new and innovative product for Nuno felting!
We offer 5 different variations of this great product: The classic version with a weight of 140g/m, a super-light version that weighs only 100g/m, the versatile double-face, exquisite melanges of pure wool and magically glowing mixtures of merino wool and silk
We have given this unique fleece a registered brand name: FLYFEL
®-web. FLYFEL® stands for airy (FLY…), light felt (…FEL), and -web is a name for fleece.
®-web is appreciated likewise by felting novices as well as genuine nuno-felting professionals around the globe.