Cotton. Fabric.
Natural. Bleached. Black. 100% Cotton.

 In April 2024 we are moving to Düsseldorf! 
    Shelves have to be put up again, thousands of rolls 
    of fabric and boxes have to be moved. For this reason,
    there will be extended delivery times of up to 10 days
    in April. We ask for your understanding.

12002 Premium Poplin
Premium Poplin, cotton fabric, bleached, 148cm, 175g/m, 100% cotton, more...
RRP EUR 9.99/m
4160 Cretonne, 5.00mx1.60m = 8.00m²
Cretonne, 5.00mx1.60m = 8.00m², cotton grey fabric, 150g/m², 2020#6060, natural, undyed, 5,00x1,60m, 240g/m, 100% cotton, more...
RRP EUR 15.00/5.00m
12037 Panama
Panama, cotton fabric, bleached, 180cm, 380g/m, 100% cotton, more...
RRP EUR 14.90/m
12038 Panama
Panama, cotton fabric, bleached, 135cm, 205g/m, 100% cotton, more...
RRP EUR 12.00/m
12005 Double-wide Satin
Double-wide Satin, cotton fabric, double folded, bleached, 280cm, 390g/m, 100% cotton, more...
RRP EUR 27.00/m
12905 Double-wide Satin
Double-wide Satin, cotton fabric, double folded, black, 280cm, 390g/m, 100% cotton, more...
RRP EUR 29.00/m
12033 Twill
Twill, grey cloth, shrinkage ↕ -15%, ↔ -15%, natural, undyed, 155cm, 365g/m, 50% cotton, 47% viscose, 3% Spandex, more...
RRP EUR 14.90/m
12023 Heavy Twill
Heavy Twill, cotton fabric, bleached, 150cm, 690g/m, 98% cotton, 2% Spandex, more...
RRP EUR 16.90/m
12024 Herringbone
Herringbone, cotton fabric with Elasthan, bleached, 150cm, 400g/m, 98% cotton, 2% Spandex, more...
RRP EUR 12.90/m
12027 Satin
Item discontinued!
Satin, cotton fabric, bleached, 165cm, 205g/m, 100% cotton, more...