Pongee 06

Pongee 06, pure silk fabric, natural white, undyed, 100% silk, 92cm, 24g/m
GTIN 4005524150251
Customs tariff no. 50072021900
RRP EUR 18.00/m

Sample. Swatch:

Same quality as mini roll:

  • 15025 Pongee 06
  • 15025 Pongee 06
  • 15025 Pongee 06
Pongee 06 is firmer and more stable than Pongee 05 because it is woven more densely. Its gloss is slightly less than that of Pongee 05. Dyes flow fast and evenly in all directions. The quality is perfectly suited for all painting, printing and dyeing techniques. While being light and transparent, its greater stability makes it especially versatile for various projects. The material is, for example, perfect for Chinese style lampions. Due to their paintings and colors they emit an atmospheric light and give every room a pleasant ambience. Kites made from silk do not only have excellent flying qualities but with their vivid colors and appealing silk shine, they are pleasing to the eye as well.

100% ħarir, hedvábí, hodváb, ipek, ipək, jedwab, lụa, mătase, mëndafsh, seda, Seide, selyem, sericum, seta, siid, silk, šilkas, silke, silki, silkki, síoda, soie, sutera, sutla, sutra, svila, swa, sy, zīds, zijde, μετάξι, свила, коприна, шелк, шовк, шоўк, აბრეშუმის, մետաքս, משי‌ ,حَرير ,ابريشم, সিল্ক, रेशम, રેશમ, ರೇಷ್ಮೆ, பட்டு, ผ้าไหม, 명주, シルク, 丝绸

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